Internal Reflections-

It Is What It Is

By God’s grace, I have overcome a lot of adversity in my life.  As well, I can relate to the adversity faced by many others.  This book of poems deals with relationships, family, and my personal experiences.  The poems also deal with addiction, incarceration, and Christian faith.  Suffice to say, this book covers a wide range of reality.  I hope you will enjoy reading it.

~James Daniel Johnson

This Will Make Ya Think!

This Will Make Ya Think! picks up where Internal Reflections – It Is What It Is left off. The poems reflect on how I continue to grow and deal with the relationships in my life, my Christian faith, and my road to redemption.

~James Daniel Johnson

Accept It & Grow

Accept It & Grow continues the reflections on my relationships, my Christian faith, and living my life day to day.

~James Daniel Johnson

Especially for Youth

This book of poetry is for Adults, but especially for youth.  After reading this book youth will think twice before dropping out of school, getting involved with drugs, breaking the law and disrespecting their parents and dishonoring Almighty God. If you are raising or know a kid heading down the wrong path you really need to buy this book and give it to them, for real!!!


I just now finished reading your poems, and I must say that all of them really stuck with me. Whether they were directly based on your own life or not, they surely do portray the reality of many unfortunate people’s lives.

~Ingrid Bergerud

I bought a book of your poetry, which I read cover to cover. It brought tears to my eyes (and I am not a very emotional type of person usually).

~Danielle Doughman

I have read some of your poetry and I am very impressed. I am a Social Studies teacher at Blow Pierce Junior Academy with the Washington DC Public School system. It would be an honor to invite you out to my school. We would be a privileged to have you speak to our students and read some of your poetry.

~Ronnie Lamb

I bought one of your books of poetry….I read the poem about your father and was very touched.

~Elizabeth Crews

I recently purchased a poetry pamphlet from you. Keep on striving, my brother. You are on your way. You’ve got poetical talent, and will go far.

~Shahid M. Allah

Great book! Will definitely purchase again.


All I can say is, wow…Daniel Da Poet book Internal Reflections: It Is What It Is was powerful! I couldn’t stop reading it from beginning to end. It was deep and spoke to my soul. This brother is really a catalyst for good change in all of us!

~Arpell Haggins Jr.

Daniel Johnson, “the Poetry Man”, deserves a lot of respect for keeping his life together by writing poetry.  He has compiled personal accounts of a hard life, told through sometimes moving poetry which focus heavily on his faith, into several booklets which he sells on Capitol Hill.   I am pleased to recommend all of Daniels books.

~Michael Frias

“Hey, this is the hispanic boy that you gave the book to in DC. I read it all and it is a really good book and it taught me not to do stupid stuff and to think twice.”

~Cesar Quinonez

“This is the girl you stopped who purchased your book near dupont about ten or so days ago.  Just wanted to relay to you in person how very moving I found it.  It’s lovely and heartbreaking, and also resonates with me.”

~Kate Sorsey

“I was in Ben’s Chili Bowl last week (visiting from California). You left some of your poetry for my party to read. I’d like to encourage you to keep being a messenger of hope.”


~Sharon Y. Judie

“From the time I have spent interacting with Mr. Johnson himself, and from helping to edit this book, I have to say that I have been consistently impressed with his dedication to weaving his life story into his work. It is immediately evident how Mr. Johnson’s life experiences, both the highs and the lows, are the driving force behind his poetry, and to be able to turn subjects that must still be difficult for him to discuss into valuable advice for others is an admirable trait. Especially for Youth is intended to be both a warning and message of hope for any youth who read it, as Mr. Johnson’s own struggles through childhood and young adulthood are the focus of the storytelling here. You can feel the sympathy for those still going through the kinds of things that Mr. Johnson went through, and as he says specifically in his poem “It Could Be Me”, in reference to another young man he met while sitting in a holding cell in a court house:

“Nevertheless he has my sympathy
knowing again that he’ll never be free
Because I too have walked his path
and it could have easily been me”

The shear variety of experiences that Mr. Johnson has had while growing up, as well as after becoming a man, are evident in the wide range of subjects he speaks about. These subjects include his relationship with his mother, what it felt like to grow up in poverty, what it is like to reflect upon life having come so far in it, his struggle to grow and improve himself, as well as many more. With each new topic, Mr. Johnson tells a new story, and each story has its moral to teach, which is something that this poetry does clearly and directly. There is no mistaking that overall, Daniel Johnson’s Especially for Youth is a call to redemption from past wrongs, whether they be his own, or those that he knows many young people today are still involved in. In any case, Mr. Johnson has made the statement with his poetry that he will not allow anyone, including himself, to stray from a moral path, without at least hearing the wisdom of someone who has been down that road before. As Mr. Johnson says, with regards to his desire to help others because he himself needed the same help, in his poem “From Where I Came”:

‘I feel that it’s the right thing to
because to me we’re all the same
God forbid that I should ever be selfish
and forget from where I came'”


In the novel “Accept it and Grow” the author James Daniel Johnson takes us on a courageous journey of his path of spirituality, addiction, love and growth. This novel gives us direct perception of Johnson’s  perseverance  as he struggles to overcome the demons that once held him hostage. He goes above the norm to share his story while acknowledging his strengths as well as his weaknesses. Although faced with mountains to climb and rivers to cross he has yet to let any tribulation deter him from pushing forward to become a better person within his self as well as his reflection amongst the world. Although I do not totally agree with all of his “opinions “, within many poems the point being made is not only subliminal but also convoyant. He gives a clear and concise reference in why he perceives these notions while giving you something to stimulate your mind. Although this novel was slightly repetitive it was a great read and I would recommend it to those who are experiencing similar challenges.